Can I use Populi in Dark Mode?

You sure can!

What is Dark Mode?

Populi, like most software, displays by default as dark text on a white background. Dark Mode is a display setting that reverses light/dark so that you see light text on a dark background. People like Dark Mode for a variety of reasons—it can reduce eye strain (especially at night), it helps content (text, etc.) stand out... and some folks think it just looks better.

How do I turn on Populi's Dark Mode?

You can change how Populi appears in your personal user settings.

  1. Click your profile image in the upper right of the screen and select Settings (some users might see Account & Settings).
  2. Under My Settings > General, find the Interface Theme setting.
  3. Choose your interface theme from the drop-down:
    • Light is the classic display mode: dark text on a light background.
    • Dark flips it over to light text on a dark background.
    • Auto pins Populi's display mode to your computer's. If your computer is set to its own dark-mode setting, Populi will also display in Dark Mode. If your computer's display changes according to time of day or ambient light, Populi's diplay mode will also change. And so on.
  4. Make sure to click Save Settings before leaving the page!

Account Admins: If you have a custom color scheme for your school's Populi site, read about how you can fine-tune your color scheme for the darke theme in Account > General Settings > Appearance.

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