February 7 to February 11, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Hey, looks like that Turnitin integration y'all been asking for made it out into the wild last night. The article on plagiarism-checking has the details.

  • If you're currently using the Unicheck integration, you probably know by now that Turnitin went and bought Unicheck in June, 2020. While the Unicheck integration still works, we expect Turnitin to let the sun set on that once it finishes digesting Unicheck.

Added several more code-language options to the WYSIWYG code block options in Lessons.

There's a new Online Payments report in Financial > Accounting. Wanna guess what that report covers?

The Change Log now rats you out if you back- or future-dated a course enrollment status change.

Contacts > Organizations now spits out address labels when you ask it to.

Academic and Financial Auditors now have the ability to search for and view individual Tag pages (which they always should've had, so we're not terribly proud of this new feature...).

Auto-linking of URLs now works in the various WYSIWYG editors throughout Populi.

Went and stuck a Pending Aid Date filter to the Aging Report.

Now when you update the pursuing date of a degree, the anticipated completion date automagically updates itself.

Forms, though still in BETA, are nonetheless able to be translated in Account > Localizations.


Dotted i's and crossed t's when the course progress information from two merged students is processed after using the profile merge tool. Also fixed some things regarding standardized test scores that got caught up in merges.

Auto-grade dates in graded discussions weren't being cloned like they ought to have been. Nor were custom parameters from LTI links.

If you finalized a course before the end of the term, the SAP calculations wouldn't crunch as crunchily as required.

Fixed a memory problem that prevented student ID photos from exporting in XLS/CSV exports from Academic Term > Students.

If you edited a calendar event and all of its associated future events, the alarms for those events wouldn't update.


Have a look as Josh Stevenson walks you through tuning up the pretty basic Enrollments report into something more extra using filters.

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