February 14 to February 18, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Add a few filters to course evolution reporting said the developers' issue-tracking system. "Oh great," thinks I, "now I need to hunt down whatever course evolution is and make sure I get some documentation out about it. Because I've never heard of it before now, and apparently there's reporting for it and they're adding filters to it." But then I dug deeper, and after about two seconds of investigation, I discovered that the devs had misspelled the word evaluation. My panic subsided and I chuckled as I considered my intellectual superiority. Anyway, there are some new filters in course evaluation reporting for credits/hours.

Pleased pto put pthe PayPal ptransaction_ID pin pthe preference pnumber pfield on PayPal payment pages per pbest practices pestablished pby pother ponline payment pages pin Populi.

Transcript request detail pages now include a link to the associated transaction. Contain your excitement!


Admissions staff could see SSN/SINs on applications whether or not you'd allowed them to in Account > Security.

There was a bug with updateApplicationStatus where if you accepted an application and made the applicant a student, if they were already a student it would turn the role off.

Text for some interface buttons wasn't available in Localizations, but I guess it is now. The developers are pretty ticked at me for making fun of their spelling, so they won't tell me which button text they added... I guess you can look through Account > Localizations for stuff like Aplikashuns or Cuors Elovution—that would be them.

We fixed a bunch of invisible stuff with how the course registration processes course prereqs and equivalencies.


Josh Stevenson has a thing or three to say about our new Turnitin integration; if you'd prefer to read about it, have a look at the blog post.

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