February 21 to February 25, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

This actually went out a couple weeks ago, but the documentation just wasn't ready for prime-time: we added a new option to disbursement batches that lets you automatically add a transaction to your General Ledger recording the arrival of the aid funds to your school.

  • There's a new Aid Drawdown transaction type.
  • All aid award types now need to be connected with an asset account that's used to record these transactions.
  • Batches are now limited to either Title IV or Non-Title IV disbursements.
  • The disbursement batches article is now ready for prime-time.


Payment plans could get all jammed up with payment deadlines when you recalculated plans with a particular mix of charges.

At times when voiding a pending Bookstore order placed online and paid by credit card, you could yield an error instead. Now that happens, they assure me, none of the time.


"How do I set up a tuition schedule?" asks Josh Stevenson, seemingly referring to himself with that first person singular pronoun but actually referring to the second person plural pronoun that is you.

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