March 7 to March 18, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added a column to the Academic Term > Courses XLS/CSV export showing what percentage of course evaluations have been completed for each course.

Added something called "Lazy Load" to the Home > News feed. Now, when you ask it to, for example, load the dishwasher, it will take a really long time to do it, complaining the whole while about how it has a video game paused or how "tired" it is. Just what everyone has been asking for!

Actually, "Lazy Load" refers to how Populi will now wait to load a particular bit of embedded media until the user is actually scrolled to where she can view it—previously, we must've been using something called "Proactive Go-getting Load", because we'd summon every bit of embedded media and load it, whether or not the user was looking at it. It really bogged down Populi's performance and could lead to 429 errors. Basically, "Lazy Load" is a performance enhancement. Life is a paradox.

On a somewhat morbid note, now when you mark someone deceased, the confirm message tells you what this means for that person's file (for example: This person's Student role will be set to Inactive).

Not to be outdone by the 1098-T report, the T2202A and T4A reports now have an Email Students action, which comes in handy when you want to email Canadian college students about tax forms.

Now if you add links to aid application component instructions, those links will actually work when students view the instructions for the component.

The API increased in usefulness over the last couple weeks:

  • A new series of calls lets you deactivate a student, remove user access, etc. when the student graduates or otherwise exits...
  • It lets you generate online payment URLs...
  • You can use it to toggle statuses for aid application components...
  • ...and it can now apply deposits.

In Automations-ville, there's now a way to trigger an automation when a course meeting time is canceled. And we fixed the "Grade" condition so it is actually usable, which should go in Bugfixes, but rules are for squares.

Custom financial statement layouts now let you include a section with the transaction history.

Added a few more spots in various places (Course > Gradebook, for one example) to indicate that a student is currently failing for non-attendance (even before the course is finalized).

A new setting lets you strip faculty of their powers to add, edit, delete, or clone course meeting times.

The Enrollments in Term and Enrollments Reported in Term filter conditions in the Data Slicer have a new Term Range option.

If a student has been enrolled in a given academic program more than once, the Data Slicer now lets you report on that (you used to only be able to get the student's most recent try at the program).

If you have always wanted to bulk-print financial statements from Financial Aid > Disbursement Batches, your life is now a little less incomplete than it was before.


The Student View used to break the course section switcheroo thingamajig.

The Library Inventory export limited itself to the current view (25 records), which is so dumb no librarian would put up with it.

A timezone issue with add/drop dates produced an error when adding new terms to an academic year.

Embedded course evaluations weren't being properly-counted in Course Evaluations > Reporting.

Fixed the sorting, which was somewhat nonsensical, of search results for similarly-named library subjects.


Someone recently remarked to Joseph Schoolland that Josh Stevenson moves his hands "a lot" during videos. Does he really? You be the judge as you watch this video wherein he explains how to set up fee rules.

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