March 21 to March 25, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

REVISED 2022-2023 PELL DATA JUST DROPPED!!! Oh, excuse me, let me turn down the volume here... okay... there we go. That made it sound like something exciting happened, when in fact all we did was update the Pell tables in Populi with the revised data the Feds released on March 24.

The API has a fresh new call named getMostRecentCompletedBackup.


The reporting for course evaluations with other evaluations embedded within would show the questions out of order in ways that left onlookers feeling just devastated.

Course meeting times weren't adjusting correctly for students in different timezones, leaving those students feeling dejected and lowly.

We thought we fixed a bug with payment dates getting all mess'd up when you recalculated a payment plan, but it popped up again, so we fixed it again, a situation that left us feeling rather humiliated.

Imagine this: Johnny creates a file folder and shares it with Monique. Monique goes and creates a subfolder within that shared-by-Johnny folder. Guess who can't access that subfolder? That's right: Johnny. Can't imagine how this made him feel. Anyway, someone here fixed how those permissions work.


If anyone knows something about getting things wrong the first time, it's Josh Stevenson. Here, he describes how Populi's Recalculate Charges feature efficiently helps you find redemption when a student's automatically-generated charges get topsy-turvy. Because Populi is all about second chances.

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