Managing Enrollment - Live Training with Q&A on June 1, 2022

Join us on Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 at 11 AM PDT for a live training and Q&A about Managing Enrollment.

In Populi, Registrars or Academics Admins create terms and courses and oversee enrollment.

We'll cover related setup and the basic process of opening online enrollment and manually enrolling students. That's especially useful for brand new Populi users—but our Q&A time will be open to questions that fall within the sphere of getting students into courses, troubleshooting related registration issues, pre-reqs, etc.

Click here to register for this training.

Once you register, you'll get a confirmation email. That email will contain a link to the meeting as well as the passcode you'll need in order to enter the training. Keep that email on hand.

Plan for an hour-long meeting. We'll spend around 30 minutes at the top of the hour presenting, and then we'll take your questions for the rest of the time.

This session will be limited to 100 participants, so show up early!

If you'd like to be extra-prepared, the following video covers similar material:

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    Melanie Deppen

    You mentioned a handout that accompanies this video. Could you please share how to access that handout?


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