May 16 to May 20, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

To help prevent problems that arise from users manually adding disbursements or refunds to auto-calculated aid awards, we've disabled the add disbursement function and modified the Refund Aid dialog for such awards.

Academics > Reporting > Analytics can now include Super Terms.

Improved how percentage-based aid awards handle student withdrawals. When a student withdraws and term charges are removed, here's how we now handle future scheduled disbursements:

  • If the student has future scheduled disbursements without any charges for those terms, then the disbursements remain during a recalculation.
  • If the student has a scheduled disbursement that was recalculated based on charges but then all of those charges are removed, then the scheduled disbursement will be deleted upon the withdrawal-prompted recalc.


If your assignment was worth a small number of points and you had lots of rubric criteria, due to our use of 2-decimal-point rounding, you could run into a situation where the sum of the criteria was worth more than the points of the assignment. We've upped that to 4-point decimalizing.

Fixed some payment plan bugs that arose when you tacked on extra charges to a student's plan after the last payment deadline had passed.

The Student Balances report would export no results after you unselected a few students.

When adding a course with more than one faculty, we were selecting the wrong person to be listed as Primary.

Videos & suchlike

Josh leads himself—and yourself—through the setup required for Degree Audits.

Oh, and while we have you here: there's an upcoming Live Training on the subject of managing course enrollment. That's happening on Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 at 11 AM PDT. Scope out the aforelinked announcement article for more details and a registration link.

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