May 23 to May 27, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The Unapplied/Unpaid Deposits report in Billing has new bulk actions—f'rinstance, you can now check off a group of students and then apply their deposits to their accounts in bulk.

We fine-tuned a bunch of the invisible stuff in Grade Scale management and also added a few new interface items; the net result is that adding and editing grade scales is a lot simpler and nimbler and intuitive and so on.

Faculty have a new option for course files: there's a checkbox that lets them decide whether to allow students to download the file in question.

Contacts > People has a new Organizations filter condition.

You can now generate a shareable link to your school's Localizations so an outsider (that's our sobriquet for people without a Populi login) can work on the translations. Additionally, we finally added a search function so you can find specific bits of text you'd like to translate.

Library Admins can now tootle on down to Library > Settings > Resource Types and add new resource types (previously we had to do this using our database skills).

We took the addApplication API method and added degree_id and specialization_id parameters. We also topped it with a pat of rich, creamy butter and a sunny-side-up egg and sprinkled it with our famous blend of spices.

Added some automations that listen for when a student degree is added, updated, or removed.

Messed with (in a good way) a bunch of stuff with Emails, Text Messages, and Activity Feeds so that even if an item is deleted from someone's AF, the Sent Emails and Sent Text Messages (in a user's personal account settings) shows the item whether or not it was deleted from the AF.


Fixed an issue related to a PayPal bug that wouldn't capture payments processed a few days after authorization (as commonly happens with things like transcript requests).

Videos and suchlike

Hey, there's a live training and Q&A on June 8 concerning the topic of managing leads. Register here; it's limited to 100 signups so act with alacrity!

Josh talks about the advanced options for course registration in this seven-minute video submitted here for your viewing pleasure and betterment as a Populi academics user.

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