Introduction to Populi | August 2nd, 2022 - COMPLETE

Welcome to Populi Focus Sessions!

Focus Sessions are an opportunity for you to meet with a trainer and a small group of other Populi users for about an hour to learn about the software and ask questions.

This Focus Session is a basic introduction to the software and what you can do with Populi. It's scheduled for August 2nd, 11:00 AM Pacific time.

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Resources for New Users

We recommend that all new users go to our YouTube Channel and Subscribe. The channel hosts hours of tutorial videos and other content, and we post new videos every week.

This article on our knowledge base will direct you to articles about getting started as you set up and begin using Populi.

This video provides a good overview of Populi, but from more of a sales rather than a training perspective:

Account Basics

The following videos cover some basic details around managing your user account . . .

Setup Required Videos

These videos get into depth about setting up your Populi instance. The idea is that each has a goal, and then demonstrates the steps you'd need to take to accomplish that goal. 

Enroll a Student:

Manage Leads:

Generate Transcripts:

Financial Aid:

Degree Audit:

Other . . .

Video for Faculty or anyone setting up and running courses:

Video about setting up billing so it cuts with the grain of the software:

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