June 13 to June 17, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Webhooks now spit out a little more information:

  • Tags are an expandable property for person automation webhooks.
  • The person record in the webhook data will also now include an is_user attribute.

Withdrawn students' test questions are now excluded from To Be Graded.

Coupla API thingies:

  • The getPerson method now includes localization_id and localization_name.
  • The new getAidApplications method pulls all aid applications for a given aid year.

The Aid Applications report can now filter for whether a student has their aid authorization or not.

Students can now print their own College Financing Plans on Profile > Financial Aid.


External localization access took you to a page with old appearance settings. Now we make sure it has your current appearance settings.

Last release, we broke the Print Queue's ability to actually, you know, print letters. This week, we un-broke it!

The Aging Report had non-functioning pagination and barely-functioning sorting on the Balances column, but now it has fully-functioning both-of-thoses.


Josh Stevenson is just crazy enough to go through all the application settings in one video.

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