July 5 to July 15, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We rewrote authentication. It is now spelled using the more intuitive, user-friendly Awthentehkayshun. No, seriously, we upgraded and shored up the authentication system—that is, the methods we use to let you log in to Populi—making the system more secure and excising some outdated code.

We also rewrote our online payments infrastructure to make it more reliable, more secure, and to ensure conformity with some new European regulations.

Online payment pages that let students pick payment plans now make sure to display any initial fee incurred by the payment plan.

The course roster print view now includes the course name and abbreviation.

Data Slicer exports now include the "Populi Name" as a column.

Automations tied to admissions events can now update a lead's admissions representative.

We let you do things to uncollectible invoices that could really jack up your record-keeping. Now, if you tamper with an invoice after it's been marked uncollectible (say, by unappling payments or credits from it) then it gets fully reset, the bad debt write-off transaction gets voided or reversed, and the invoice's status returns to Unpaid.


Applying a term-based payment plan could give you a wrong applied-as-of date in some difficult-to-reproduce-but-nonetheless-possible cases.

When adding a Degree on Academics > Degrees the Diploma? checkbox was always checked, regardless of your selection. Higher education in this country had ground to a halt because of this bug.

The Data Slicer filter for Birthday > Is > Today would show you yesterday's birthdays, leading to a rash of ice cream cakes purchased on the wrong dates. Our sincerest apologies to the ice cream cake industry.


Josh describes your options for using Populi to handle continuous enrollment while sadly eschewing the "Roles" joke he usually makes about a minute into the video, but happily not eschewing his Keanu Reeves impression.

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