Announcing the New Populi Discord Server

The Populi user community can be found on our Discord Server. Here's some information about it, including how to request an invitation to join the discussion!

What is a Discord Server anyway? Discord is a communications platform that provides chatrooms (among other things), letting Populi users converse in realtime in topic-focused channels; the collection of channels is called a "Server". For example, Registrars could gather in the "Academics" channel and discuss, say, how to use Degree Audits as an advising tool. Realtime discussion and the use of specialized channels make for a considerable advantage over our current User Forum, and we think this will better serve the Populi user community.

Who can join the Populi Discord Server? The Server will be invitation-only and open to Populi Users who are on staff at their institution. (Sorry students!)

How can I join the Populi Discord Server? Just submit a Support Request with the subject Discord Invitation Request. Make sure you do this while logged into the Populi Support site so we can verify your identity! In your request let us know what sorts of things you'd like to communicate with other Populi users about so we can get the Server off to a good start.

We intend the Server to be largely for Populi users to communicate with each other, but Populi folks will be in there as well (our names will end with .populi—so I'm adam.populi, for example). To be clear, the Server replaces only the current User Forum. The Feature Request Forum and, most importantly, Populi Support Requests will remain as they are right now!

So send us your invite requests, and once we have a good number we'll send out the first batch of invites. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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