September 5 to September 9, 2022, Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Augmented the Course > Syllabus WYSIWYG with some text formatting options.

Added links to relevant pages for sales credits associated with uncollectible invoices in a few spots: the Transactions report as well as Profile > Financial > Dashboard and History.

The Sales Receipts/Refunds report in Billing > Reporting needed an Export Helper and a Tag filter condition, so we got it set up with those things.


When you stuck your fingertip on the sleek glass of your Android device to touch a push notification from a Group, the Populi Android app would take you to the Home > Dashboard view instead of the post or Group that splattered the notification on your screen.

Videos and Focus Sessions

Next week's Focus Sessions include:

  • Introduction to Degree Audit, which'll tackle the basics about programs, degree requirements, course groups, course mapping, exceptions, transcripts and so on. This will be most useful to Academic Admin and Registrar users. It's scheduled for September 13th, 2022, 11:00 AM Pacific time.
  • Introduction to Financial Aid, which'll sock it to ya in regards to some basics about setting up financial aid settings, awards, packaging aid, disbursements, aid applications and so on. This will be most useful to Financial Aid and Financial Admin users. It's scheduled for September 15th, 2022, 11:00 AM Pacific time.

Josh loves payment plans and he can't stop making videos about them. This one zooms in on how recurring payments work with payment plans.

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