Better reporting capabilities

We need the functionality of the data slicer available to all departments, with access to more data fields (keeping FERPA in mind). Also, it would be nice if the data slicer was under a major reporting tab instead of hidden under multiple levels of tabs. 

As a Fin Aid worker, I need data such as grade level, housing arrangements, GPA, etc but I don't need full access to their roles to be able to view their data. My colleague in billing would like to be able to pull reports based on scholarships or housing but she doesn't need full access to the FA role or Campus Life roles. And similarly, the registrar needs reports on who has outstanding balances or need-based aid. We don't need to be able to change the data, we just need to be able to view reports that are useful to us that contain LIVE data.

I guess overall, this is a request for more useful report building tools. We spend a lot of time pulling UNuseful reports just to get 1 or 2 fields, exporting them, and then merging them line by line in excel. By the time we get that completed, the data is likely to have changed anyway.


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