Degree Audit - Course Recommendations Future Terms

Add column to Degree Audit table where advisors can indicate when a student should take a course in a future term. Currently students can view their non-completed courses, but have no information on when they should enroll, in what sequence (based on prerequisite courses), or how course taking impacts their time to degree completion.

If this feature were added, Advisors and students could then refer to a student's profile to see what courses should be taken in the future based on their Program of Study. Advisors can revise the future term assignment based on student performance in prior courses. 

This feature will help our students understand what courses they should enroll in in future terms. It will help our advisors easily access program of study and course taking plans for students in addition to eliminating the need for a supplementary tracking system in an non-Populi software platform.


Thank you for your consideration.



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