Need Analysis Capability

Good Afternoon, 

I would like to submit a feature request for a Need Analysis and Cost of Attendance Breakdown in the Financial Aid Modules. 

In Financial Aid, a Need Analysis is a document that is generated out of the software that students can request to give to scholarship or government organizations. This document should give the breakdown of the student's cost of attendance, the student's EFC and need, and their financial aid awards and breakdown for the year. The reason why this is important is because as a Financial Aid professional , I am constantly filling out financial aid budget and verification forms. In the past, I have been able to saved time by printing out the Need Analysis for and attaching it to the form the student brings in. All agencies and organizations accept the attached form.

The second feature request I have is for a breakdown Cost of Attendance by category items or semesters/quarter. The reason why this is important is because it would give the breakdown the need analysis needs and if a student is borrowing their full cost of attendance, this would give us a quarterly breakdown of their eligibility. The common belief is that you can award a student for the year up to their cost of attendance, but something else that we should be paying attention too is how much they are eligible for each quarter/semester. This is because their eligibility can vary each quarter/semester based on the number of credits they are taking and if the student is over awarded for one quarter/semester, and they chose not to return  the following, then we have technically over awarded their cost of attendance for the year and have to return funds. Creating this cost of attendance breakdown is a safe guard for the financial aid offices that use Populi.  



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