Add option to include late penalty in assignment grading

Hello Populi,

As confirmed by your support staff, the system presently does not allow a prof to deduct marks for an assignment being late and use a rubric at the same time.  After the rubric is filled out and scored, the prof can still manually adjust the score for the late penalty, but then the system will override the rubric and the student can no longer see how he did on the rubric.  That's not very good.

Your support staff suggested that "Timeliness" could be included as a criterion in the rubric, but depending on the late penalty policy for the course (or institution) that can be cumbersome to figure out how the criterion should be worded and how the range & percentages should work. 

I have two suggestions, and perhaps you have an even better one:

1. If a prof manually adjusts the score after a rubric score has been saved, the rubric score remains the same inside the rubric and the rubric remains visible, upon clicking, to the prof and student.  The grade score is the manually-adjusted one that takes the late penalty into account.  Since there would be a discrepancy between the two scores, the prof would be wise to include a brief explanation in a note, saying that points were deducted for the late penalty.

2. When an assignment is initially set up the prof has the option to include "late penalty" (something like adding grading requirements in graded discussion but obviously not that elaborate). If the "late penalty" option is included, then the grading section on the right-hand side of the assignment page would have the following lines:

      * Rubric score: _____

      * Late penalty: - _____

      * Total score: ______

The prof would simply enter the number of points deducted for late penalty and Populi would automatically subtract and do the math.

My personal preference would be for the second option, as it is more obvious and user-friendly. But I understand that sometimes a seemingly simple thing can require significant programming, so option 1 would be better than nothing.

Thanks for considering.


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