Set Course Meeting times to NOT repeat. Specify specific dates for meeting

there is a field that says "repeats ___ weeks" when adding meeting times to a specfic course. However, you can't set it to only repeat once.

We have classes that meet in 1 week intensives, but the course still spans the entire term, with requirements outside of the actual in-person course meeting times.

It would be nice to specify at the MEETING TIME level:

1. which date it actually met (not just day of hte week)
2. what time it met

Then, this would also prevent it from looking like the course overlapped another course, thus preventing studnets from registering for both classes.


Two classes are offered in our Winter term, from January 4 - Jan 31.

Class A meets in person from Jan 4-9
Class B meetings in person from Jan 10-14
Students can take both classes, because the in person dates do not overlap. However, both courses have the entire term (until Jan 31) to complete the coursework. 

I want the term start/dates in Populi to reflect the entire term dates (Jan 4 - Jan 31), but the meeting times & the schedule to reflect the individual meeting times for the individual courses.



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