Ability to filter by Student Role status in Financial Aid area?

Is there any way to filter by the Student Role status in Financial Aid or Admission areas? As we have both applicants and current students submitting FAFSA's, I only want to be working on new applicants now (we deal with renewal aid after May 1). I can't find a way to easily split those student groups apart - the Student Role seems like the logical way, but I can't access it any of the workflow options. I can't access Admission Application fields in the Financial Aid area, so could Student Role be added as a filter option, perhaps?

I thought of making a Tag of the Student Role, but it says not to (and seems redundant to need to):

https://support.populiweb.com/hc/en-us/articles/223789027-Tags :
"You can't create custom tags that match system tags. Nor should you use tags to track information that Populi already tracks. For example, don't tag people with the Student role as Students."



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