Cloning Aid from one year to the next

I submitted a ticket earlier asking if it was possible to clone the aid that a student received in one year to the next year.  I was told that this is not a feature and to submit a "Feature Request".

In essence, my thought is that if I can clone the aid a student received in 22-23 to the next year (23-24) that this would save an enormous amount of time in preparing an aid package for a returning student.  If a student no longer qualified for a particular item, it is much easier deleting one item than typing in multiple items that are going to essentially be the exact same as that previous year.

It's also easy to change an amount as needed as well.

The biggest issue I can potentially see is that the disbursement semesters might be hard to auto-populate.  However, again, it is much easier to change that than it is to create a new award from scratch for all of the awards a student previously received.  In fact, if the system would just create the aid item, then that would speed up things tremendously.  As an example, let's say a student received a Merit Scholarship or Departmental Scholarship, it wouldn't necessarily need dollar amounts because we could easily add those as needed.

I hope all of this makes sense....please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my request.


Cliff Bristow

Randall University



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