Display subsets of linked fields on applications, inquiries, forms

We have some use cases where it would be handy to display a subset of options on a linked field. Examples include making a form less off-putting and making a form less prone to human error.

  • Less off-putting: When seeking gender information it would be nice to link to the built-in gender field and additional genders we might add, but maybe not display "Unknown."
  • Less error-prone: We have degree-program combinations that are suitable for some kinds of students but not others. It would be nice to filter a larger degree-program list to display only legitimate options when someone completes an application. For example, if a student says they're interested in completing a degree online, we'd like to show a conditional linked field with only the online options. (We have a similar use case that would be based on whether the student needs a visa to study in person in the U.S.)


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