Allow forms without login required to be used in form request for admits

We send confirmation and follow-ups to admits between the Accepted, {Confirmed} and Enrolled stages - these admit typically have the Student role but we do not give them User accounts until they arrive the week before classes.

Ideally, we would use Form Requests and Batches to contact them for confirmation, next steps, etc. But the current setup does not allow us to batch these out (see the mote from your KB), instead sending the generic link through Email. We would like to send the form requests to people without user accounts, but with lead info, and they would fill out the form from the unique URL and the response would notate with person this was sent to as a verification before linking the response to a lead - this avoids the security issue of the form updating information, but gives us extra information to ensure we are connecting the response to the rights lead (some leads change the email they list, or their name, on the form response making unique identification more difficult).

From KB

Login required: Yes requires respondents to log in before filling in the form. Form responses are automatically linked to the user who responded. If you select No, and no login is required...

If you send a form request to a Populi user, the user will still need to log in if they access the form via the request's URL.

What we would like in picture form (or something similar):


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