Quick schedule and quick find (quick student schedule retrieval)

As per Adam Sentz' recommendation, this request is for a feature that would allow staff to quickly locate a student from the student's populi page. Rather than displaying a list of courses, it would be great if it could generate a weekly calendar-esque visual display of the student's classes as they fall in the week.

As it is, if I need to locate a student on a Wednesday around 1 PM, I have to export the student's schedule to a PDF, look for each course that has a Wednesday occurrence, and look to see if any of those Wednesday classes actually meet during 1 PM.

I would like to be able to click a "quick schedule" button and visually see all of the student's classes and when they meet. I would click the "quick schedule" button, see the student does not have class at 1 PM on Wednesday, and then call the Dean of Students to contact the student at the dorms (or, if the student was in class, I would know where to go). Class name, instructor, and room number would be handy for this.

If we want to make this really slick, we could have a "quick find" button that would just pop up either the student's supposed location before, during, and after that moment, or indicate that the student does not have a scheduled class at that time.

Even further, like Star Trek further, we could tie the course's attendance record into the "quick schedule" or "quick find" features so we would be able to tell whether they are actually at their scheduled class, or if we need to look elsewhere. Ok, maybe that's a little too "big brother" but in the moment it would sure be assuring that our students are findable. This attendance record tie-in could help during fire drills, or real emergencies. There could be an instance where one missing person could reveal that an entire class is not accounted for. That's a little heavy, sorry.

I think this request is different from Traci Morris' "Appearance of Student Course Schedule" request at


and is complementary to Dennis Hixson's "Email all of a student's instructors" request at


I suspect many Populi colleges are small and personable and could use a feature like this in the case of an emergency or other urgent situations. 



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