Option to add "answers" to short answer questions while grading student answers

In order to facilitate reusing questions on future tests, it would be extremely helpful if the rules created during the grading a test were applied to each corresponding question so the instructor would not have to repeat that work every time that question was used.

I think this should be done at least the 100% and 0% correct answers. This would improve the quality of the questions without having to go in and manually change the question. It would be a huge time saver for future uses of that question (which is something that it looks like Populi promotes). --Basically a quality control and time saver issue for questions.

Currently this is a big issue for Greek. Students can have the correct answer (even for a single word short answer) in so many ways, based on how they use capitalization, accenting, breathing, apostrophes, and spaces. I would feel better about making all of these decisions (it is impossible to predict them all) if I knew that information was saved and would be used again the next time that I included the question on a test.

The only negative that I see, is the display of correct answers on the student side of the test. It might get a little cluttered. That could be cleaned up with a "display more" link (like you have in the knowledge base).

Thanks.  If you use the test feature of Populi (which is fantastic! - BTW I always begin a test by asking for the name of a witness who will verify that they aren't cheating), please add your comments to this post.


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