In-progress grades

So far as I can tell, the system does not easily allow either a professor or a student to know an accurate in-progress grade. For example a student who has skipped an assignment or two sees his/her grade as the average of what has been turned in, even if that is a fraction of what was due. Assignments past the due date should for average grade purposes be counted as zeros.

At midterms and at the end of semesters it would be nice to say what a student's grade would be if no further work were turned in. A way to show that is to have a column showing show how many points have been earned of the X number of total points in the course. That would indicate the final grade were the student to quit turning in work or not complete late work, which in turn could also tell a student how many late assignments or bonus work was needed to achieve a desired grade.

I fear some will misread the scores and be disappointed when the final grades appear since the in-progress grades are misleading. 


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