Add Pay now amounts to record payment box

I'd like to suggest you add pay now amounts for invoices to the record payment box. Currently, If a student owes $31.32 for the first payment for one invoice, $42.50 for a the first payment for another invoice and $600 for the first payment for a third invoice the pay now amount is $673.82 which Populi calculates correctly. However, if someone drops off a check or a cash payment of $673.82 and we record it the full payment will go to the biggest (or oldest) invoice. We have to manually apply the payment to each invoice except that when we go to record a payment the box does not list the pay now amount for each invoice so we have to write down the pay now amounts for each invoice and then open the record the payment box and apply the payment accordingly. If you could include that in the record a payment box that would be great.



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