Student Fees activated by term or date

It'd be helpful if certain fees could be automatically applied on a per date or term basis.  That is if there was an extra rule or condition that could be applied to a certain fee that would only trigger for one of the terms each year or a certain date range for each year.

Hopefully our present circumstance serves as an example.

Our student fees are separated into four sections: 
part-time fall semester fees 
full-time fall semester fees 
part-time winter semester fees 
full-time winter semester fees

This is separate from the regular tuition fees that the students are charged on a per credit basis.

If a student takes less than 9 credit hours they are charged a part-time student fee. So if a student takes 5 credit hours in the fall semester they would be charged: 
5 x $tuition fee 
+ fall semester part-time student fees

If a student takes 9 credit hours or more they are charged a full-time student fee. If they take classes in the winter semester the student fees are slightly different. So we have a fall student fees and a winter student fees.

We currently have the part-time and full-time student fees working fine, the rule was implemented that checks how many credit hours they are taking that semester. However, we were trying to find a way to have Populi automatically detect that it is the winter semester and the students should be charged the winter student fees and not the fall student fees.


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