Degree Audit Enhancements Request

1. Enhance degree requirements management.

 Add the ability to change the year that the degree requirements are assigned to. For example, to change from 2009-2010 to 2006-2007.

Allow the requirements of one catalog year to be cloned for another catalog year so that the requirements only need to be changed and not completely redone. We could then clone the requirements for 2006-2007 in 2010-2011 and then make the necessary changes for 2010-2011.

2. Add basic logic functions such as AND, OR, NOT, IF THEN ELSE. This would allow for the following:

Take Either (Course A) OR (Course B AND Course C)

3. Add course group hierarchy such that one course group can be a component of another. This would allow for the following:

Example 1

Course Group X

Take Either (Course A: 3 credits)

        OR     (Course B: 2 credits AND 1 Course from a Course Group C: 1 credit)


Example 2

Course Group Z requiring 2 courses from the following list of course groups to be taken:

            Course Group A (Set = only 1 course of)

            Course Group B (Set = only 1 course of)

            Course Group C (Set = only 1 course of)

            Course Group D (Set = only 1 course of)

The result is that the student might take one course from Course Group B and one course from Course Group D to satisfy Course Group Z, but could not take 2 courses from Course Group B.

This capability is especially desirable in the instance when the school changes there programs, such as going from 2 credit to 3 credit courses or combining a number of courses together but still wants to give students who have taken courses in previous years credit in the program for the older version of the course.

 Example:  PS313 Leadership Development I (2 credits) AND

                  PS413 Leadership Development II (2 credits) are combined into

                  PMN 382 Leadership Development (3 credits)

But students taking both of the older version courses do not need to take the new version.

These three courses could be defined as Course Group A requiring 3 credits. It is assumed that the additional credit when the older version of the courses is taken would be counted as an open elective credit contributing to the overall credits for the student’s program. Similar sets of courses could be defined for course group B, and C and so on.


4. Prioritization of Course Groups

User selection of the course group that gets assessed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc in the degree audit so that course area electives (e.g. General Studies Electives) can be evaluated last, thus allowing reuse of a “general” area electives list for a course area and allowing alternative courses in a required course list to be taken as electives.

For example, if a student had to take either Course A or Course B in a specific course area but also had to take 3 electives in that course area, they could take both course A and B with course A counting as the required course and course B counting as a course area elective.

Also, in this case, the course area electives list could be general and used for more than one program even if the required courses in that course area differed for different programs.


8. A folder hierarchy for course groups so that a user could put selected course groups into a specific folder.

9. Change the Course Group Requirement banner background to GREEN when the requirement has been met.

10. Highlight the courses listed in degree audit that are offered for Registration whenever the Registration page is open. We might want to also have a different colored highlight to make students aware of the courses that are being offered in the default academic term.



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