Bookstore: "Student Employee" role

When assigning the "bookstore" role, the employee is automatically given the "staff" role.  Given that the "bookstore" role is assigned primarily to students the added "staff" role information which is available to these student employees is problematic.  Personal communications that have "staff" authorization within the "activity feed" tab are visible to these students.  Sometimes, private information is conveyed here that is not appropriate for students to view.  In addition, the expanded "information" within the "info" tab is again information that is not appropriate for these student employees.  Whether it be birthday, church, or other personal information, this should not be available to these student employees.  Though these employees are technically "staff", they should not have access to all "staff" information.  There should be another role that does not increase the student employees access to college information, while allowing them to process bookstore sales, etc.


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