Multiple Price Points for Items in Bookstore

With only one price point for each bookstore item, marking items for temporary sales is quite cumbersome.  A spreadsheet must be created for original pricing, a separate column for the sale price, then the price is changed manually in Populi, and changed back after the sale.  Instead, it would be great to have  three pricing levels, a "list price", "sale price", and "our price".  The list price would be a constant so that the customer can visibly see the savings when items are listed below list on the sale or our pricing levels.  Under the administrative mode, the manager could choose the appropriate pricing level,  the sales level, when the sale commences, then back to "our price" when the sale is over.  All the time the list price comparison would be visible.  Many of your upgrades save time, but this one would save many hours of item price changing at the beginning of each term and other times when discounting merchandise.  Thanks,  Eric


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