Multiple Ideas for Online Applications

I just created a new online application for our seminary. I noticed a few things that could be changed.

1. There is no way for students to submit their application all at once. It would be great if they could submit all at once instead of piece by piece. Maybe a verification page that allows students to review their application?

2. Once students submit all their components the message "continue filling out your application" still appears on their dash board. It would be great if a message to the tune of "application complete" and then "application under review" once the Admissions team has changed its status to pending.

3. There is no way for students to submit references online. I know there are still many schools that require paper references but the the ones that have online references are super convenient.

4. The online application creation process was a little frustrating for two reasons;

One, once you enter all your custom info you cannot change or add to the order of terms without starting over. For example, I enter terms x, y, and z but I can't add term between x and y with out taking off y and z. Maybe a drag and drop or a button to change the order of selected terms?

Two, when i create a component they automatically list in alphabetical order. There is no way to change it. It would be great if I could order the online components in what ever way I wish.

5. Creating custom terms was somewhat of a bother because once you save them there is no way to change the type of component it is. For example, I accidentally select Text for a phone number and save. To correct it I have to delete the whole term, recreate it, and put it back into its appropriate component on the online application. Perhaps a little more customization once I save a term?

6. Formatting becomes a major issues in the Print view for online applications. Especially answers put into text areas.

7. Also, it would be great if check box answer could be made mandatory. Currently, students can ignore checkboxs and still submit the application. This is a problem because i have added a verification section of the online application.


Phew! I know that is a lot but hope full you guys can help.




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