Importing Test Questions

It would be very handy to allow test questions to be imported into Populi.  Textbooks have often provided test questions & answers for the professors to use but now publishers are making use of software that allows the professors to convert the given test questions & answers to some popular formats (Moodle, blackboard, etc.)  see http://www.respondus.com/products/demos.shtml.  

This means a professor can get easily upload tests to sites like blackboard & moodle without having to re-write out all the questions.

One of the primary formats that has been established is the generic xml specification called QTI (the IMS Question and Test Interoperability specification).  If Populi could import and export to this format I think they would be well ahead in the game.  Not only would it allow uploading material made available from publishers, but Populi could use it to transfer tests from one course to another, or have a central repository of 'tests' sorted by course, term, faculty, etc., that only had to consist of these xml files.


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