"Incomplete"/"I" as an option for both an Assignment Grade, and Final Grade

We require the option for Faculty to submit an "I" or "Incomplete" grade, rather than a Status. Every semester there are seminarians who need that designation for either a specific assignment, or for a final course grade...That let's us know that there is additional work pending. It allows the Faculty to record an accurate grade when they are due (rather than make up a grade simply to make sure the seminarian does not have an "F" recorded), and also allows us to know which seminarians will have an additional semester to complete the required work for a course.

Again, this is something that we need as soon as possible, as currently, we have innacurate grades being reported. I'd imagine this is a concern for others since "I" grades is typically standardized practice in higher education. This is a serious concern, as this effects the seminarians GPA, and compromises the integrity of their academic transcript.

Please let me know how soon the "I" option can be made available.


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