Display Incomplete Courses in Degree Audit

Can you post Courses that are Incomplete in Degree Audit in the same way that In Progress Courses are Posted. Currently, when a student is moved to Incomplete in a course, the Degree Audit ignores the course entirely. It is not even posted in the Unused courses list. The Incomplete designation is used when students have a problem and need a prolonged extension for a course. Also, since some students complete there program by DE and these courses sometimes cross the regular semester boundaries, starting in say November and going to March, the Incomplete can be set for the DE course located in the Fall semester. anyway, once the Incomplete is set, program advising becomes more tedious as student's transcript needs to be scanned for Incomplete classes since nothing shows up on the Degree Audit. For an example, please see Silas Witkamp and GEN 272 Intro to Psychology. He is done the work for the DE course but it was set to Incomplete and does not show on the Degree Audit.


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