Enable browsers to store login info - maybe as an option

It is always handy to be able to click the bookmark to a frequently visited site, like Populi, and have the browser fill out the username and password for you.

When I am logging in to Populi, it says that "This webpage has disabled automatic filling for this form."

It would save a lot of trouble over the course of the semester if I did not have to type the stuff in every time, but I understand that ease must be balanced with security.

If the cases in which trouble could arise from automatic filling are too numerous to allow it as easily as clicking "Yes" when asked "Do you want Chrome to save this password for you?", then maybe a control could be added to ask the users whether they really want to save the password on this computer, or a little text warning, "Do not allow your browser to save the password unless you are sure this is a secure computer", or something similar.

In summary, it would be very nice to be able to click the bookmark and press Enter while using Populi on my laptop, rather than entering the username and password every time.

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