Delivery Method by Course Student

Currently we run in-class courses that have students in them who are not on-campus. That is, we integrate some of our Alternative Education (aka, Distance ed) students into our rosters for the in-class courses so that the AE students can have the benefit of interacting with other students who are taking the course at the same time. 

We have two significant difficulties with this.

1. The major problem is that our AE students need to have their transcript indicating that they took the course by an alternative delivery method. If a student takes the course and is not integrated with an in-class roster, then it is not an issue because we just rename the course with an AE on the end of it. However, if they are integrated into the roster of an in-class course, then we have no way of indicating that they took it as an AE student (which needs to happen on their transcript). To deal with this, we have tried to remember to remove the AE student from the in-class roster after they are completed the course and to put them in a separate course instance with the "AE" designation on it. However, it is a LOT of work since it means transferring all of their grades, unfinalizing the course they were in previously, removing them from that course, refinalizing the course, and on, and on. Furthermore, all of those steps lead to a greater possibility of error on our part, especially in a class with a number of AE students. AN EASY WAY OF DEALING WITH THIS, as far as I can figure, is to allow our registrar to designate individual students on a class roster as having a different delivery method (i.e., to indicate they are AE students). This AE indication would need to automatically be indicated on their transcript (with either a new column indicating AE, or an "AE" added to the end of the course name).

2. (Less of an issue probably) Our AE students have a longer period of time to complete the course. This means that we need to be able to finalize the course for most of the students a couple of months before the AE students are done. I figure we can work around this by marking the AE students as incomplete until they submit their final assignments (assuming that they can still submit assignments even though the course is finalized for everyone else). 


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