Add "Tags" to "Rule Type" in Fees

We would appreciate the ability to add "Tags" as an option to "Rule Type" in Fees. Sometimes, there are small one-time fees that need to be associated with students that are already custom-tagged by another department. This would cut the work in half as the charge would be automatically added when someone is tagged. In the attached example, the Registrar's Office tags a Student as "Graduate 2012" to print a list of potential graduates. A pending charge needs to be added to each of these students which would be currently done by the Finance Office. If we were able to add a rule that anyone with this tag gets the fee that's already set up, then the Finance Office would not need to enter charges manually, one by one; instead they would be automatically added by the RO.

Are there any scenarios where this would not make a good idea? Is there a reason why it's not available already?

Fee Screenshot.jpg


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