TransFirst Credit Card Processing option

I've been looking at the two options for credit card processing - Chase Paymentech being the less expensive of the two options.  Authorize.net charges ludicrous fees.  Alaska Bible College has been using TransFirst (formerly US Merchant Services) for just over two years.  Our account manager has taught me how to read and interpret not only our merchant services statement, but also the quoted fess from other merchant service providers seeking our business.  I'm VERY happy with TransFirst, and especially with Jodie Napolatin, our account manager.  After switching from Wells Fargo, our discount rate went from 3.25% to 2.3%.  We pay on average about 2.5% including the statement fee and transaction fees.  I've actually had a few months that have been as low as 2.09% effective rate (processing charges divided by net sales). 

I've been talking with our account manager at TransFirst about the possibility of connecting with Populi and they have responded with a proposal for merchant service discount rates and pricing for use of their gateway.  It's much cheaper than Chase's fees.  Would it be possible for Populi to speak with our representative?  I can connect you with her.


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