Financial Report Needed: student balances by semester

For any given semester, I need a list of students, how much they were invoiced, how much credit/aid was applied, and how much they've paid. The result should be what their current balance is for that semester. I just want to get a basic bottom line for every student in a given semester.

Am I missing something? 
- I can find a "Student Balances" report, but that doesn't let me filter by semester or show me students who have zero balances. 
- I can use the "Unpaid Invoices' tab, but I can't filter by semester. And, I want to show BOTH paid and unpaid invoices for the semester 
- I can do the "By Term" summary, but that only shows charges, not what payments were applied.

Basically, I'm looking for a financial report that shows exactly what the individual student "By Term" tab under "Financial" in student profiles shows -- in the summary area on the right side.

I could go to each student and look at their Financial tab, but I want to run a report that gives me this info for every student (filterable by semester, program, degree, specialization and campus):

Amount Due: $xxxx.xx


  • Invoiced 
  • Pending

Financial Aid

  • Disbursed
  • Scheduled
Applied Payments
  • From Student 
  • Aid Payments


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