Course Group Subclass

It would be very handy to be able to include a course group within a course group. 

For instance, we have a course group called 'wisdom literature' and a separate course group called "Poetry", usually people are required to take 3 cr hrs of each. But we also have a course group called 'Wisdom literature and Poetry', which includes all the courses in the 'wisdom literature' category and all the courses in the 'Poetry' category, and usually students only need to take 3 cr hrs from this combined group.  For some of our degrees we need the separate 'wisdom literature' group but others use both the 'wisdom & poetry' group. 

So for our case it would be:

As part of the B.A. course groups


Wisdom Literature ... 3 cr hrs

Poetry  ......................... 3 cr hrs

As part of the B.Th. Course Groups

Wisdom Literature & Poetry ..... 3 cr hrs

(where Wisdom Literature & Poetry consists of the two groups : "Wisdom Literature" and "Poetry")

This would save a great deal of maintenance when it comes time to edit all these little groups and other groups that also contain the same courses as those groups.

This topic is similar to: https://support.populiweb.com/entries/21005226-degree-audit-enhancement-request-course-group-hierarchy but I think different enough that it warrants its own thread. As in this case we don't really need a hierarchy but just a way to include course groups within course groups.


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