make identifying images with .jpeg or .gif optional

I am teaching a humanities class and need my students to be able to identify various works of art on their tests. I have a large catalog of images using labels like "caryatids.jpg" and "Aphrodite of Cyrene.jpg" etc. Because Populi insists on including these labels under the images, I am going to have to go back and rename every image I use on the test with numerical labels. For example, I cannot show the image of a caryatid, with a label below saying "caryatid.jpg," and ask, "what is this called?"

However, this means that when I want to access "Aphrodite of Cyrene" or "caryatid" at a later date, I will need to 1) keep a separate record of numerical labels. or 2) I will need to scroll through images until I find what I'm after of 3) I will need to go back after creating the test and restore the original label. Whatever way I choose will require extra, unnecessary work on my part. Moodle allows me to upload images without including their labels. Why can't Populi?

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