Show answers only after a test closes

IMO Populi needs to do some serious study of Moodle and offer instructors similar features.  I was particularly frustrated yesterday to discover that when I make a test, Populi only gives me two options: 1) immediately show the student the answers, or else 2) not show them at all. Much of my comprehensive final for Hu312 is constructed using questions from previous tests, so I want my students to be able to see where they made mistakes so that they can master the material.  If I choose 1), the "show answers" option, and give my students a 24-hour window in which to take the test, those who do it early can then share the answers with those who take it later. Do we really want to tempt our kids this way?  Or must I only give online tests in class?

Moodle allows me to have an option that will show answers only after the test closes. When I called Populi to see if there was any way to do this, I was told that at this time it is impossible, and that if I wanted to let students see the answers, I should make a hard copy available to them.  Yes, I can do that, but it will mean a waste of paper and time, and even if I were to provide some sort of online answer key, there is the disconnect between the student's own test and the key. Moodle lets students see their answer, and the correct answer in the same frame. It's a much more streamlined, immediate learning experience than what Populi currently provides.


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