Tracking phone calls to prospective students

We would like the ability to track the responses we receive from prospective students when we call them in order to know how effective our calls are and to measure the success of each call. Would it be possible to add to the activity feed a check box following each "to-do" that tracks detailed information about each to-do? It could pop up after you check off a "to-do", and would look something like this:

[ ] Phone call

         [ ] Voice mail

         [ ] Live Conversation

                  [ ] Positive

                  [ ] Negative

         [ ] Left a message with another person

                  [ ] Positive

                  [ ] Negative

[ ] E-mail

[ ] Letter

[ ] Other


Each sub-category could expand when you check the main category box. This information would then be available to run a report on under the main admissions tab. This would be very helpful for us to be able to measure our effectiveness as an admissions office.

Thank you!

Jolie Andryshak

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