Add Notes to Degree Audit

It would be very useful to be able to add notes to the degree audit of students to record potential or possible exceptions. Some cases where this would be applicable would be:

1. When a student is give the option to successfully complete a more advanced course instead of the less advanced but required course. Once the student successfully completes the advanced course, an exception would be added for the less advanced but required course. I have cases were a student has transferred from another institution with a number of courses that mostly cover the required course. As an example, a student who took courses in the Pentateuch, Historical Books, and Poetical Books but still needed to take Survey of the Old Testament. We decided that If he agreed to complete our Hebrew Prophets course, we will exempt him from the Survey of the Old Testament.

2. When a student has a required course for their program but the minimum required number of students do not register for the course in a particular semester, so the course does not run. In these cases, we will sometimes substitute as related course for the students to complete their program. It would be good to be able to note this in there degree audit file. The successful completion of the substituted course results in an exception being applied.

If we could add a Note that is posted on the required course banner in the same way that the Exception is posted, it would be very helpful.


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