Refund Option Under Student's Financial Dashboard

Since we don't follow the usual semester layout we are unable to use the refund option available in the tuition and fees. Instead, this means we have to mark a refund through the method used for collecting payments. (Under the student's financial tab, in the dashboard area, select the gear and choose 'receive payment'. see 1-Current.jpg attachment).

This makes the refund show up as a typical 'Customer Payment', and is impossible to tell apart from the rest of the regular payments. (see 2-Issue.jpg).

It would be fantastic if there were a fourth option there that let us record an 'Apply Refund' (or something similar) function (see 3-applyRefund.jpg) that would allow us to apply a line that appeared as a refund rather than a 'Customer Payment' (see 4-afterChange.jpg).

This would probably benefit other institutions as well.




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