Import people via excel spreadsheet

We would like to be able to import a spreadsheet and have it populate individual Populi pages for each individual. So each row would be a different person and each column would be a different field in the Populi account based on the heading (i.e. Column A - First Name; Col. B - Middle Name; Col. C - Last Name). And depending on what you typed in the first row (Row 1) it would put it in different areas. So if someone doesn't want to have the middle name on the spreadsheet they just wouldn't put whatever code corresponds to that field in the spreadsheet.

This would be ideal for after large recruiting events so we don't have to go to Admin and click "Add new Person" for each individual. We would just type them into a spreadsheet, save it as .csv or .xslx and be able to upload the spreadsheet into Populi.


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