Inquiry form that is imported into Populi like the application form

I suggest that just like the applications can be imported or deleted after I have approved them I would LOVE to see our short online form that requests that we mail out information be importable so that the standard info (ie: name, address, email, phone, program of interest) could go directly into Populi instead of me having to retype the info by hand which I currently have to do  with well over half of our students. 

This automation has been fantastic when it comes to applications so I think we should take it another step as this would save tons of time and effort!  Our form looks like this http://emmanuelbiblecollege.ca/admissions/request-info and we could even use the same form for applications but somehow add a tag or note that it is specifically for Request for Infos and could be differentiated from applications.

How do other schools do this since 1 in 10 of the students we track apply I think there has to be a better way than have to print out the online Request for Info form and enter it manually.


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