Automatic E-billing for students


Prior to using Populi, I worked for some time without a formal system which required sending bills and notifications manually. Manual notification was one thing that often was not done well or with good timing. It impressed on me the importance of timely notifications to students so that they can be good stewards and so that they do not get upset with the school if they feel they haven't been properly informed.

I know that currently students are informed about payments that are due when they log into their accounts and see a notification. I would love to see automatic e-billing set up. Ideally this would be an e-bill sent monthly with an account summary and an "Amount Due" stated. This would be particularly beneficial for students who are on a payment plan and need to make payments monthly, and for students who have finance charges being assessed for overdue balances so that they aren't surprised to find that they've had a number of fees assessed without notification. It would be nice to, along with a monthly e-bill, have notifications sent every time a payment is charged to a student's account, to include finance charges or fees on overdue account balances; however, this would be secondary to a monthly account statement.

Thank you for considering.



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