Additional Fields on New Inquiry Form

We are glad to have the new inquiry form tied to Populi, but it would be of greater use if we had the ability to add more fields. 

1) Start Term--Since leads are closely tied to potential start terms it make sense to ask that up front and input it to the lead info.
2) Degree Program--We also like to have new inquirers select a degree program of interest so we can send follow-up information targeted to that program.
3) Referral Source--I understand that we can set up inquiry forms for different contact mechanisms, but what is also of interest to us is how or why the user got to that form (did a pastor, alum, student, tell them about us? did they find us through social media, etc.). A more helpful questions is "How did you first hear about our school?"
4) Denomination--Also helps us determine how we will set a communication plan (I realize this is more school specific and probably a reach)


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